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Welcome to the eProcessingNetwork Merchant Support Center Login Web page. Merchants utilizing the eProcessingNetwork Payment Gateway can use the eProcessingNetwork Merchant Support Center to maintain their online accounts and produce transaction reports.


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  • For your security, you are being presented with a Security Image. Please enter the text seen in the Security Image and retry your login.
  • PCI Compliance requires a limit for failed login attemps and the addition of security text for login attempts after login failure.
  • Please note that passwords ARE Case Sensitive. Please make sure you do not have Caps Lock on, and that you are not using a saved password that might be old.
  • If you continue to have problems logging in, please read and closely follow the information in the Login section of the eProcessingNetwork FAQ.
  • Further information on PCI Requirements is available here

*Passwords ARE Case Sensitive. i.e. Upper and Lower case letters are used.


If you are interested in obtaining an eProcessingNetwork Secure Transaction Processing Service Account, please provide us with some preliminary information.

It would be a security violation for eProcessingNetwork to give out merchant's passwords, therefore we can not and will not give out merchant's passwords to anyone. Procedures documented here must be followed.

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