Back in 2000, eProcessing Network (ePN) was the first innovative and mainstream secure payment gateway to offer wireless mobile transaction processing. ePN continues the tradition by offering mobile merchants with cutting-edge mobile technology processing for the latest in smart phone technologies.

eProcessing Network Offers Solutions

Today, eProcessing Network offers a variety of Mobile Processing Solutions:

  • eProcessing Network offers Mobile Processing Solutions for a Merchant-owned iPhone, iPad, iPod Touch and Android Phone/Tablet.

  • Merchants simply install the ePNMobile App on to their device from the Apple AppStore or Google Play Store.

  • ePN offers centralized control and secure transaction reporting for mobile devices via the secured ePN reporting site.

  • In addition, we offer Mobile processing solutions for dedicated wireless POS terminals.

  • Signature capture / email receipts capability for (iPhone/Android).

  • Bluetooth card reader/printer for receipts (Android).
Audio Jack Reader Compatible Devices
Bluetooth Reader Compatible Devices
  • Cost Savings — Multiple card swipe processing options – Merchants can use the ePNMobile Pro encrypted audio-jack card reader or Magtek's encrypted bluetooth or clip-on card readers to qualify for swiped rates.

  • Enhanced Security — Mobile transactions are never stored on the merchant's phone – only at the ePN Secure Payment Gateway!

  • Versatility — Merchants can process payments securely away from their store front or office. Great for trade shows, in-home sales, festivals, craft fairs, taxis, flea markets, limo services, plumbers, hair stylists, electricians, nail salons, locksmiths, CPAs, dog groomers, coffee kiosks, etc.

  • Ease-of-Use — Merchants can manage enable/disable functions by device from one centralized location within the ePN Merchant Support Center.

  • Flexibility — When using the ePN Secure Payment Gateway, merchants can simplify their business by choosing any combination of products, services and solutions all managed through a single merchant account.

  • Compatibility — ePNMobile Pro has many configurable options that include downloading transactions into QuickBooks, tracking of invoice/order ID number, tip entry, and signature capture.
ePNMobile Pro ePNMobile Pro encrypted reader. Magtek BulleTMagtek BulleT encrypted bluetooth reader.


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