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ePNInventory — Integrated Inventory Management

ePNInventory, eProcessing Network’s integrated inventory management solution, enables merchants to process eCommerce, POS, and Mobile payment transactions through their existing ePN Secure Payment Gateway account.

Cost-effective and reliable, ePNInventory is the ideal solution for merchants who need an automated inventory management system, but don’t have the funds or technical resources to build their own solution. Easy-to-learn and implement, providing a suite of reports and notifications, ePNInventory allows merchants to focus on driving the success of their business, instead of creating software to manage it.

When a product is purchased, either manually or by using a barcode scanner, inventory levels are automatically adjusted, providing an accurate tracking of product assortment and quantity levels. And since all inventory is stored online through eProcessing Network’s secure servers, merchant’s know that their sensitive data will not be compromised.


  • Easy-to-Implement — with no software required, merchant’s can easily integrate the management software into their business solutions.
  • Versatile — ePNInventory works seamlessly with any of the ePN payment solutions, including the Online Terminal, ePNJPOS, and ePNMobile.
  • Automated — accurate reporting tracks the products and seasonal sales trends, virtually eliminating out-of-stock situations.
  • Secure — the security of the ePN Payment Gateway ensures that the merchant’s product database will not be compromised.
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