Integrate eProcessing Network solutions directly into most Web pages, shopping carts, and third-party billing software.

ePN provides specifications, sample code and support at no additional charge. We also provide you with the tools listed below to easily integrate our Secure Payment Gateway into your platform.

Please review our specific configuration requirements listing for carts with additional requirements.

Mobile SDK (Software Development Kit)

Allows developers to use our existing mobile framework (including an integrated, encrypted audio jack card reader) from which to implement their own payment application. We provide developers the business logic, and the presentation layer is left to their imagination.

Here is the documentation for Mobile SDK (PDF Format):

Shopping Cart Developers / Web Site Developers / Hosting Companies

To be included in the Compatible Solutions Listing section of our Reseller Support Center, please complete the following request form.

Web Order Template / Order Form Generator

Developers can easily integrate the eProcessing Network Secure Transaction Processing Server directly into a merchant’s web page by using this simple Web Order Template.

Database Engine Template

eProcessing Network has developed the Database Engine Template for merchants that securely collect and save ALL customer, order and shipping information, but wish to leave the secure collection of credit card information to eProcessing Network.

Integration Diagnostics

Transparent Database Engine Template

For merchants who wish to securely collect and save ALL customer, order, shipping and credit card information on their own server, the eProcessing Network Transparent Database Engine Template allows merchants to securely process transactions from their own web page without transferring the customer to another page on the ePN server.

ePN provides source code samples in Perl, ASP, ASP.Net and PHP.

Integration Diagnostics

Authorize.Net™ Emulation

For developers who have already integrated Authorize.Net, eProcessing Network offers an Authorize.Net emulator, to better utilize our processing services. This makes it easy for developers to utilize our Secure Transaction Processing Services.

Typically all a developer has to do is change the URL they access from:


  • AIM Users: https://www.eProcessingNetwork.Com/cgi-bin/an/
  • SIM Users: https://www.eProcessingNetwork.Com/cgi-bin/an/

Finally, pass in the merchant’s eProcessing Network account number as the x_login.

Additional details about the Authorize.Net™ emulator offered by eProcessingNetwork are available here.

Integration Diagnostics

Integration Diagnostics

Follow the steps below to diagnose problems you may encounter with your integration:

  1. Temporarily change the URL to which you are posting your transactions to
  2. Include a variable called email (case insensitive) to send a reflection of your variables and their value to that email address.
  • This URL will generate a Web page that displays exactly what was sent to it, helping confirm that you are correctly sending required information.


  1. Include a variable called PostURL (case insensitive), with a value of where you are posting to, such as https://www.eProcessingNetwork.Com/cgi-bin/an/

Include a variable called email (case insensitive) and this will send a reflection of your variables and their value to that email address.

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